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July 19, 2010


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Hey guys I have been getting a lot of confusion in terms to how to read the story

:iconvictortky: Gave me a wonderful name for the story :iconhuggleplz:
Thank you very much

So I give you

Transformers AlterVerse</b>

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Meeting Blackout…

Chapter 2
Meeting Megatron…

Chapter 3
Meeting Frenzy and Rumble…

Chapter 4
Decepticon Introduction…

Chapter 5
Megatron Painted…

Chapter 6
Sketchy Situation…

Chapter 7
All Happening at Once…

Chapter 8
Shockwave Cometh…

Chapter 9
Doctors and Surgery…

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Key to Victory…

Chapter 13
A Story About Brawl…

Chapter 14
The Wrath of McAlister…

Chapter 15
Stephens Awakening…

Chapter 16
Prelude to Mission and A Boy Named Melvin…

Chapter 17
Mission and A Boy Named Melvin…

Chapter 18
Lies and Liability…

Chapter 19
Gala and Gunshots…

Chapter 20
Catch Up Chapter {Prelude to Captain Lennod and Private Stephen?}…

Chapter 21
Captain Lennox and Private Stephen, {Plus part one of Russian Roulette}…

Chapter 22
Russian Roulette Part two…

Chapter 23
Jasper McAlister and the Birth of Mark the Hell General…

Chapter 24
Russian Roulette part three…

Chapter 25
Aftermath {Thomas and the Cons}…

Chapter 26
        Soviets and Sour Dreams :sleep:…

Chapter 27
        Bandwidth and the Broad Battle :fight:…

Chapter 28
        Intermission short shot…

Chapter 29
        Voices :devil:…

Chapter 30
        Custom Weapons :gun:…

Chapter 31
         State of the Union :banned:…

Chapter 32
          Arraignment and Answers :confused:…

Chapter 33
         Meetings and Mayhem 1 & 2 :nirvana:……

Chapter 34
         Prelude to Operation Rescue President Whitmore…

Chapter 3/////
          Drabble: Fallen in Dreams…

Chapter 3/////
          Short Shot William Log…

Chapter 34

Chapter 35
          Ascension of Fallen Eclipse Parts 1-3 :evileyes:

Chapter 3///
          Sarah Dalton and Sector 7…

Chapter --
          Poem Break: Trapped in it All…

Chapter 36
         Black Hawk Down…


Side story
Dark Lord Jadow: Crossover
Part one
Just Like You…

Part Two
Demon Lord…

Part Three
A Spark Never Forgets…

Part Four
       PS TFAV DLJ What is going on?…

:star: :iconvictortky: Calm Before Storm Tie In that focuses on Victor Keys

Part one…

Part two…

Part three…

Part four…

Part five…

Part six…


Alterverse story of Zoe and Victor…

Memory in Blue…

Visionary Dreams…

FSOF Secret Team to KeysTech…

{Trust me when I say this, His writing is a ton better then my awful slag SO CHECK IT OUT}


Made this one

TF: Blackout and Taiya…

Side story:
Non-Shrink Ray fun images and story…………

UPDATED Transformer PET's Numbers and Primary Function

Humanicon Surgical Engineer
Doctor Arkeville - 000 - {Owner: Shockwave} {Primary Weapon, Scalpels}

Humanicon Leaders
Taiya Dalton - 001 - infiltration {Owner: Blackout} |Primary Weapon: Duo Daggers

and Duo Cannons/ always two in number|
Stephen Dalton - 002 - demolisions and sabotage {Owner: Blackout but registered

as Scorponok} |Primary Weapon: Automatic Handgun and RPG|

Humanicon Repair
Marie Lauder - 003 - Machinist{Owner: Brawl} |Primary Weapon: none, but has MP

based weapons|

Humanicon Intell
Wren Parlow - 004 - Psychological Review and Data Collection{Owner: Dirge}

|Primary Weapon: Toxic gas pellets, for TF threats: Cosmic Rusting gas|

Humanicon Disguise
Loren DeGrasse - 005 - Makeup artist/Disguise {Owner: Thrust} |Primary Weapon:

None, but if needed a sniper riffle |

Humanicon Distraction Team
Allison Thompson - 006 - Distraction of Earth Policemen{Owner: Barricade}

|Primary Weapon: Brass knuckles and spray paint|
Rina Thompson - 007 - Miss-Intelligence (to advert authority with miss

information) {Owner:Skywarp} |Primary Weapon: steel arm incasings to hit with

max damage|

Humanicon Assasin Team
Vladimir - 008 - To kill any opposing threats to Decepticon security {Owner: Long

Haul} {Primary Weapon: Varies depending on situation}
Demitri Urlov - 009 - To kill any opposing threats to Decepticon Secrutiy {Owner:

Bonecrusher} {Primary Weapon: Hammer and large stell stakes}

Humanicon Ground Task Force
Karl - 0010 - To fight and maintain perimeter {Owner: } [Primary Weapon Assault


Humanicon Mallie
Anastasia Liffel - 0011 - To combat any unorthodox threat {Owner: Strika} [Primary

Weapon: Bladed Scythe]
Claire - 0015 - To combat any threat using meale type fighting style {Owner:

Scavenger} [Primary Weapon: Double moon blade staff]

Humanicon Survillance
Bartok - 0012 - To watch over Decepticons and Decepticon patrol areas {Owner:

Dreadwing} [Primary Weapon: Strangle Cord]

Humanicon Interception
William - 0013 - To take down enemy supply lines or to blockade enemy transport

{Owner: } [Primary Weapon: Brass Knuckles and High Energy Explosives]

Humanicon Interogation
Zach Romanovsky - 0014 - To gain information through any means necessary

{Owner: Blitzwing} {Primary Weapon: Knives, Daggers, Blades}


Blair Domenici - 0016 {Owner: Vortex} {Primary Weapon: Guns}
Stacy Carmine - 0017 {Owner:

Arkeville - "Whoever holds the scalpel makes the rules."
Taiya Dalton - "Compassion is your greatest strength. . . but if it breaks you will be

without defense"
Stephen Dalton - "Together we stand, United we thrive."
Marie Lauder - "In blindness other senses are enhanced for the better of youself"
Wren Parlow - "I speak only truth that is like a razors edge"
Loren DeGrasse - "I may not fight but I can shop like hell"
Allison Thompson - 'Graffiti is the tag of victory you leave after the battle."
Rina Thompson - 'The biggest joke to play on a foe is their defeat."
Vladimir - "Kill for the motherland or die in vain against thy father." {no one really

understands that}
Demitri - "The only stake in life is the one through the heart."
Karl - "Why make your enemy wait for death?"
Anastasia - "Brawl and Beauty are equally the same, each can cause hearts to

Claire - "When in doubt just do it anyway."
Bartok - "Death looms over everything, why not speed it up?"
William - "With a gun a life can be taken, with a book burned an ideal is shaken."
Zach - "Nothing makes the voices stop like screaming"

Arkeville - Lanstrom Germany
Taiya and Stephen - New York City General Hospital
Marie - Fort Brag V.A hospital
Wren  - Lauie Beach
Loren - Paris, France
Allison - London  
Rina - New Zealand
Vladimir - Saint Peatersburg Russia
Demitri - Unknown city, Siberia
Karl - Ukraine
Anastasia - Somewhere in Mongolia
Claire - Oregon
Bartok - Norway
William - U.K {But carries a birth certificate saying iceland?}
Zach - Moscow

Vehicles of Choice
Arkeville - BMW C series
Taiya - Honda civic
Stephen - Corvette
Marie - Brawl as she cant see to drive
Wren - Black Lexus
Loren - Bentley
Allison - any type of sports car
Rina - Mitsubishi convertable
Vladimir - LARGE motorbike {similar to Harley}
Demitri - BMW Chopper bike {That he stole from a german diplomat}
Karl - Suzuki
Anastasia - Mercedes motorcyle
Claire - any car that is not ford
Bartok - cant care less unless it has a higher risk of death
William - Modified Ninja bike
Zach - No one can tell the model as he has done so much work to it that no one can

tell what the frag it is

Favorite Food / Least favorite
Arkeville - Brawtwurst with egg noodle with a cheese sauce / salad
Taiya -  Pancakes with lots of fruit / anything with beef or pork in it
Stephen - Pizza/ beef dishes
Marie - Hot pepperoni pizza / cabbage
Wren - Spinich / processed meat
Loren - Lobster / anything that is less then 5 dollars
Allison - Veggi Burgers / meat
Rina - tofu dogs / meat
Vladimir - raw steak / broccoli
Demitri - Cookies / frogs legs
Karl - Mashed potatoes / beans
Anastasia -  pan fried noodle / borched
Claire - French Fies / tomatoes
Bartok - quote "Does it taste like death?"
William - Spaghetti / egg rolls
Zach - couldn't care less as long as it isnt gruel like they feed him in the asylum

Greatest secret
Arkeville - He is actually afraid of Keys as his industry grows larger
Taiya - since touching the allspark she has been seeing nighmareish scenes of the

great war in her sleep. She also sees things that she has not even heard of and as

such the nightmares cause her to loose sleep. She opted to take sleeping pills to

quiet the hellish visions as they happen every night. {Not even Blackout knows}
Stephen - keeps a stash of anime porno in various hiding places
Marie - feels very vulnerable without Brawl being around
Wren - Cries about her parents but chooses to keep it to herself {This is where dirge

becomes her soul mate and helps her see that it is okay to let ppl know you are sad}
Loren - Knows she is a cold b---h but loves it
Allison - She grew angry at her mom for leaving them forcing her to take care of

Rina herself
Rina - Replaces sadness with a childish attitude. Keeps sadness from her thoughts

as her mind races
Vladimir - He is scared of mice
Demitri - Loves sugar cookies like his mom used to make
Karl - Secretly he is a softy with a hard outer shell
Anastasia - ///////////////// will not disclouse as only zach knows
Claire - Was married in vegas in a drunken stupor and divorced the same day
Bartok - actually likes being part of the team but won't let the other members know

it because of his show of how he wants to die
William - has two associates degrees and wants to get his teaching degree
Zach - ///////////////////// only ana knows

Main archrival
Arkeville -  in response "DOCTOR KEYS!!"
Taiya - Dreadcyle
Stephen - shockwave and arkveille
Marie - Major Ryan as he has tried to get her father dishonorably discharged
Wren - Heather, rivals since grade school
Loren - Miss Waterson {heir to the Waterson family}
Allison - {cop] Sargent Giles as he has tried to get her in prison for 20 years
Rina - one word RITALIN
Vladimir - Hells Angels Leader
Demitri - Mark McAlister for killing his parents
Karl - no known personal rival
William - no knwn
Anastasia - none as she can get along with just about anyone
Claire - MELVIN for firing her
Bartok -  Any one that questions his disire to kill himself
Zach - when asked, “Who needs rivals, when every one is a rival to some extent.”

Best subjects in school
Arkeville -  Sciences, mainly anatomy
Taiya -  Math/ physical science
Stephen - art
Marie - History
Wren - English/ social studies
Loren - econ {forced to learn it}
Allison - Political Science
Rina - Oddly enough Math because it only takes a few minutes for every problem
Vladimir - {Got mad and broke the microphone during interview}
Demitri - P.E
Karl - Lunch
Willian - Every subject except art
Anastasia -  Poetry/ english
Claire - Language studies
Bartok - physics / geometry to figure out best angle to hang himself
Zach - wont admit it but he likes art

Favorite Music
Arkeville -  easy listening
Taiya -  Heavy Metal /  Industrial
Stephen - Rock/ Heavy Metal
Marie -  American Rock
Wren - Electronica
Loren -  Pop
Allison - Punk Rock
Rina -  J-rock / something called crazy jams?
Vladimir - Classic rock
Demitri -  Russian folk songs
Karl - death metal
William -  Classical
Anastasia -  Hip Hop / R&B
Claire - Meditation sounds
Bartok -  EMO
Zach - songs with no decernable type

Humanicon CODE names
Arkeville -  Scalpel
Taiya -  Eclipse
Stephen -  Warhead
Marie - Wreakamend
Wren - psyche
Loren -  Jeezabell
Allison - Lady Anarchy
Rina - HyperDivergance
Vladimir - Roughhouse
Demitri - Hammerstein
Karl - Straightedge
William - Culture-Shock
Anastasia - Demntia
Claire - FataleFlare
Bartok - deathwish
Zach - Freakshow


cael= psychosis

:star: KeysTech INFO :star:
Sam= Bumblebee
Mikaela= Arcee
Sari= Bulkhead
Lennox= Ironhide
Epps= Warpath
Figueroa= Flak
Patrick= Cliffjumper
Spike= Gears
Carly= Hound
Maggie= Sideswipe
Glen= Sunstreaker
Fanzone= Prowl
Hawk= Optimus Prime
Hi-Tech= Perceptor
Mainframe= Wheeljack
Gung-Ho= Kup
Heavy Duty= Roadbuster
Roadblock= Guzzle
Flint= Hot Rod
Graham= Sandstorm
Shipwreck= Sea-spray
Ripcord= Skyfire
Torpedo= Beachcomber
Beachhead= Brawn
Bridge= Bluestreak
Sarah= Silverstreak
Spirit= Hoist
Breaker= Blaster
Agent Faces= Mirage
Stalker= Trailbreaker
Sci-fi = Jolt
Ace= Jetfire
Duke= Ultra Magnus
Lifeline= Ratchet
Snake Eyes= Drift
Scarlett= Highbrow
Minerva= Huffer
Kicker= Hot Shot
Bud= Blurr
Coby= Whirl
Lori= Red Alert
Zoe= Stargazer
Victor= Advocator
Jazz=Marissa (Earth Defense Command)
Steven= Springer
Diana= Defcon
Dominique= Pyro
John= Twin Twist
Nicholas= Ironfist
Alfred= Broadside
Rex= Topspin
Viral= Rotorstorm

:iconsketchfan: {My twinsie brobro :tighthug:}
:iconvictortky: {My bot brother from another matron :huggle:}
:iconslyer0: {Lilbrother :cuddle:}
:icondarklordjadow: {He uses some of my characters in his} ^+^

if you want to be a part of the development team just ask
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